Choosing The Right Guest Speaker


Choosing a guest speaker can make or break your event.  Choosing the right speaker takes time, consideration and planning.  It is vital to choose the best presenter as they can elevate your event from satisfactory to successful.

In a world where it is harder every day to get your message through, what better way to do it than a face to face human interacting with your staff.

               Some of the things you will need to consider are;

1. The type of speaker you can depend on and what the aim of the event is.  Once you work out the objective you can then decide on the type of speaker. Whether it be business, motivational, inspirational, humorous or technical. A guest speaker works when the message you want to convey is broad.  Guest speakers are great to cover topics like; leadership, team building, conflict resolution and change management.  Industry based or technical speakers are more appropriate when the information you need to convey is industry specific.

2. Consider your budget.  Remember there will also be travel accommodation, meals and incidental costs in addition to speaker fees.

3. Consider your demographic when choosing a speaker.  Who is your audience and what do you want to achieve?

4. Availability.  Can you be flexible with dates depending on the availability of your speaker as it will broaden your options.

Of course, the easiest way is to use the expert advice available.  Your Keynote Account Executive can help you choose the best speaker based on your dates, needs and desired outcomes.