The importance of a technical check before your virtual and hybrid event.

With the advent of hybrid events over the past 12 months we have all become so called experts in online communications.

However, no matter how good you think you have become we still highly recommend using an event company to coordinate your virtual event, there are still many elements to bring together the coordination of an event especially the type of platform to use, our peers in the event industry have become very experienced in running virtual and hybrid events and one thing they will make sure of is a technical check with each person presenting at the event.

The below video may be an extreme example of things that can go wrong, and if it does not serve as a caution to you, at least have a laugh at this lawyer tries to explain to the judge that he is not a cat.

Another way to maintain your professionalism is to use a motivational or inspirational speaker during your event, they also have become experts in virtual and hybrid presentations and there is no better way to kick start your team in 2021, check out this list of the most 20 inspirational speakers in 2021.

Take care, stay safe,

The Keynote Team!